To Water or Not To Water

The guys will be by to test your water for bacteria, wait, what is wrong with the water …


A few days back my property manager called and said that the water softener guys would be coming to service the water system. No big deal right? Then she adds “a couple other places have tested for bacteria in the water so I am also going to have them check yours”. Ok so this is likely just standard procedure, I have been in this house for over 5 years and everything has always been fine, however my mind has been frantic.

Right away I called the water guy and was like “what do I do?” he just said if I am worried about it, drink bottled water and that I can also boil the water at full boil for a full minute.

So I have not been using the water at all except to wash my hands, I will not even let the pets drink it.

They came today and did the service and took a bacteria test which he says will take a couple days to come back and then he also said they do a chemical test as well that can take a month to get those results back.

So I do not feel like I need to worry about any chemical stuff, but this bacteria thing is freaking me out! Like why did she have to even say that ugh, not her fault, she has no idea about what things like that do to me but I am stressed none the less.

I really wanted to try and make mashed potatoes but even if I make them using bottled water I always wash every dish before I use it, even if I washed it and put it away myself. So I supposed I could use bottled water to wash the dishes? The man said that washing dishes with the water would be fine regardless but I just cannot get my mind to be ok with it all.

Simple little things like this cause me so much anxiety.

~ Me


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