So I Got This App: Eating Disorder, OCD

I now have this little app …


So a few of my family use this little app called MyFitnessPal. You can download it for free in the apps store on your phone, or at least, that is where I found it. My son as an example, is looking to gain weight and another member of the family is looking to lose weight. They have both been using this app so I was somewhat familiar with it.

Basically it tracks all your food and water intake for each day. You can just scan barcodes, or look up various food items and it will tell you what is in them. It is a pretty neat little thing.

In the daily part of the app, I just put in what I have eaten and had to drink for whatever meal, or snacks and it just does all the work and lets me know how much more I need to eat. It also lets me know what vitamins and things I am missing out on.

It is like having a little momma in your pocket to remind you to eat.

I started using it yesterday and so far, i like it.

It also had me punch in my current weight, and what weight I am trying to get to. Those of you who follow my blog know that I am currently trying to gain at least 19lbs. So the little app takes this information and calculates how many calories I need each day to make this happen. Clever little thing.

Another thing I like about it is that, you can add ingredients as you are cooking to it and then it saves your recipe and lets you know what is in each serving.

My thought is that this will make it easier for me and maybe even a little bit fun. I could use some fun. πŸ™‚

Time will tell how well it works for me but for now, it seems to be helping me to at least see what I am getting and what I am missing.

~ Me



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