Updates: Water Test, Eating, Thoughts, etc

Time for a few updates …


Hopefully you all enjoy these update post and they are not just an annoyance.

First of all, Happy Birthday to the blog. We have passed the 1 month mark! Yay us!

If you have been with me since the beginning, you will know that I have been trying to implement some changes for the better. While some of the changes are proving to be more difficult than others, they are all little baby steps in moving forward.

You all make me feel motivated to not give up and to keep on trying my best each day.

Water Test: Results

I spoke with the lady yesterday and asked about the water test results. She said if they have not called everything “should” be fine. Obviously, “should” is not an acceptable answer for me. I have been avoiding the water like superman avoids kryptonite. She assured me that she would call the lab today and get a definite answer for me. At 3:30pm I had still not heard from her so I called. She said she would call the lab and call me right back. She also then says that there was nothing that prompted the test and it was just to make sure there were no issues.

Now if you recall, initially, she said that other places tested bad and she wanted a test done on my water. Which, as you know, freaked me out!

She texted back and told me that the water came back with 0 E Coli and 0 Coliform. She also said that a Coliform count of 10 and below is safe. So of course I make sure to ask her flat out, “so you are saying the water is 100% safe to drink?” to which she replied “yup”.

This whole situation caused me a great amount of anxiety and I am glad to have it behind me.

Eating: Learning

The little app that I spoke about yesterday seems to be doing the trick. I managed to eat 1,892 calories. That is a big amount of calories for me. I have been struggling to eat even  1,000 calories.

I also was also able to see that I am greatly lacking in potassium. This is something that I would not have even realized and that also makes a great deal of sense. Lacking in potassium can cause weakness and being tired as well as heart palpitations and other things as well.

I have also been fiddling with the app and learning what other foods I can try that will help make up for some of the things I am lacking.

Thoughts: A Bit Of Clarity

One thing that I have noticed today with the increased food intake, is that I am able to think just a bit more clearly. I actually went out of my room and spent a bit of time in the kitchen. The kitchen is a huge mess and I instructed everyone to clean up what mess they had made. I will obviously need to go behind them and clean it to my personal level of “clean”, but they were told to take care of what mess they had each made.

My Grandmom always said, if you were able to grump about things, it meant you were beginning to feel better. 🙂 Lets hope that she was right. I miss her.

I hope everyone had a peaceful day.

~ Me


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