Updates: I feel Full and Enlightened

What a strange thing to post about …


Its funny. I was thinking today about the things I now celebrate and how I never used to give them a second thought.

Today I managed to eat a yogurt, a cup of mashed potatoes and a bottle of chocolate milk for my dinner. This was cause for celebration! Funny how “Hey I ate!” is now a thing.

But yes, I ate mashed potatoes and whatnot and I actually feel full. It has been a while since I actually felt full. Even my tummy looks better. I actually have a tummy bump now.

We go through life with our issues and complain about them but believe me when I tell you, no matter how bad it is, it can always, and I mean always, be worse. I used to be able to open a bottle of whatever I wanted and drink it with ease. Now it is a big ordeal. Seriously, it can always be worse. Find the blessings, no matter how small and count the heck out of them!

Oh and I weighed myself today and I am so close to getting back in the triple digits! Just need to keep on getting the good calories!


One comment

  1. That really is so true- the part where you said about how things could always be worse and we have to look at the good in our lives, even though it’s so stickin hard! I have OCD and it also mainly revolves around food. It gives me so many rules- when I can eat, how much I can eat, doubts if I’m even hungry ever and so much more- and if I don’t follow the rules ill become fat and won’t have the “perfect” body. My therapist has thought me exposure therapy- basically just eat anyway and ignore the thoughts. It has gotten a bit easier , so just keep hanging in there! Thank you for sharing something so personal, you’re so brave!


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